Seth Godin: Go write a book

First, he wrote a book. You should write a book, too. Publishing a book is easier than it appears (in some ways, like the typing, typesetting, printing, and distributing part) but more difficult in others (like the writing something worth reading part.) Writing a book forces you to be organized and passionate and persuasive. Isn't that worth trying?

tapbot, the immersive story engine

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Building an immersive story engine

Make AI and virtual world technologies accessible to artists so that they can create the future of immersive story entertainment

That's the Big Hairy Audacious Goal ("BHAG"). Of course a BHAG also has a 10-to-30-year timeline. A more immediate goal or milestone is to create an immersive story engine.

Immersive story

Immersive story is dramatic narrative for the metaverse. Immersive as in virtual world immersion - the state where you cease to be aware of your physical self. Basically, how can we use the same technology being developed forintelligent virtual agents and use it for entertainment.

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UberVU Testpost


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Adobe Experience Design

Keho : the virtual place for Presence Research

Presence is:

"acting/behaving in the VR world as in the real world"

Presenccia Project

"the subjective experience of being in one place or environment even when one is physically situated in another"

Witmer and Singer (1998)

"the illusion of non-mediation"

Lombard and Ditton (1997)