False Precision: Angel Investments

In a few months Lijit Networks will be two years old. We started the company in a fairly common way, finding employees that wanted that "ground zero" experience, having the seed of a good idea, and finding Angel Investors that would invest and keep the idea alive long enough to germinate. It wasn't easy but we got it done. A question I get a lot from new entrepreneurs is "how do you find Angel Investors?"

Many young startup entrepreneurs tend to look at Angel Investors as a group of people with more money than sense (which sometimes is true) but generally not. They give no thought to the motivations of their Angels, what their Angels should get from the relationship, or simply why the Angel should be interested in investing. Like anything, understanding your audience is half the battle. Don't trivialize your Angels Investment by rationalizing the money isn't important to them; I find that $25K is important to everyone.

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