Using storytelling in your marketing

  • Great stories make a promise. They promise fun, safety or a shortcut.
    The promise needs to be bold and audacious. It’s either exceptional or
    it’s not worth listening to.

  • Great stories are trusted. Trust is the scarcest resource we’ve got left.

  • Great stories are subtle. Surprisingly, the fewer details a marketer spells out, the more powerful the story becomes.

  • Great stories don’t appeal to logic, but they often appeal to our senses.

  • Great stories are rarely aimed at everyone.

Emotion plays a huge part in a sale - especially for a high-ticket complex sale.  The idea of storytelling takes me back to the persona, which I've posted about before.(Marketing 2.0 and IntentionHow Tribal is Your Website?) If you've done the work to determine who your customers are and what makes them tick, then you should be able to make a pretty good guess as to what might interest and engage them. 

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