The potential of advertising alliances in virtual worlds

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Forget scenery-blocking billboards and ad-saturated sporting events, the virtual world is the newest venture into successful marketing, according to a recent study by Pepsi and MTV. In this study, Pepsi discovered that users averaged 28-minutes per interaction with Pepsi's presence in Virtual MTV compared to its 30-second interaction in the televised version.

More importantly, the associated advertising is where this method shines the brightest. Over 90% of users said that Pepsi promoted music and artists through the vMTV survey, yet only 30% said the same thing in regards to the traditional televised version. This specialized audience is key to the virtual world's advertising potential with associate programs such as Pepsi advertising through vMTV. It can certainly make for some interesting alliances or potential buy-outs from the major businesses. Monopoly anyone?
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