The Five Steps to Mysticism

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1. Awakening - Subject starts to become aware of the presence of something supernatural. Their heart is filled with joy and they have never felt this kind of joy before, yet they cannot see this supernatural being, and they hunger for more.
2. Purgation - Where subject strips away their ego, their self, their whole existence. They give up everything in this life and in the next.
3. Illumination - This is often the final stage for some mystics. The subject sees the visual representation of eternity as heaven & earth, reality & mysticism meet.
4. The Dark Night of the Soul - Extraordinary mystics go beyond the third step onto this one. These mystics have experienced mysticism so fervently, that when they "come back down to earth" they start to have what we can refer to as "withdrawal symptoms" of God's presence.
5. Union with The Other - Having gone through the other steps, the subject now finds themself in the Eternal, they are at union with God forever,
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